Kelas Karyawan UBakrie

Gelombang Pendaftaran

  • Gelombang I : 7 Maret 2022 s/d 30 April 2022.
  • Gelombang II : 1 Mei 2022 /d 15 Juni 2022
  • Gelombang III : 16 Juni 2022 s/d 15 Agustus 2022

Universitas Bakrie

Program Studi


Produce graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit and equipped with relevant technology innovative and professional

Ilmu Politik

An innovative approach to understanding political dynamics and the impact on various sectors responds to challenging policy issues at the local and global levels.


Analyze concepts and theories for business management by formulating an approach whose solutions are first-line in the company or profession

Ilmu Komunikasi

The communication process will always be needed in various social activities, particularly in the digital era.

Sistem Informasi

Mastery of scientific and information system-based applications with the support of a curriculum that is aligned with the development of ICT

Teknik Informatika

Solving problems related to information processing in various configurations using relevant applications

Teknik Industri

Industrial Engineering can be widely applied in various industries: manufacturing and services in an increasingly competitive business world.

Teknik Sipil

Produce infrastructure and facilities using applicable standards with environmentally friendly-based technology.

Teknik Lingkungan

Seeks to solve environmental problems on land, sea and air through a technological approach.

Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan

Food science and technology continues to strengthen the national and global food industry development.

7 Alasan Memilih Universitas Bakrie
Kuliah Karyawan UBakrie

7 Alasan Memilih Universitas Bakrie

  • Menjalankan metode "Experiential Learning"
  • Didukung oleh Kelompok Usaha Bakrie
  • Mengedepankan nilai-nilai inovatif dan profesional
  • Menghasilkan lulusan yang siap bersaing secara global
  • PTS Unggulan di Kopertis wilayah III
  • Memiliki dosen-dosen yang berkualitas
  • Lokasi strategis di segitiga emas Kuningan kawasan Epicentrum.